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GP Engine GP-123 V2

SKU : EGP-123
3D Gas Planes Engine

Product description

Finding an engine for your aircraft is easy, but getting an affordable engine with such high power is next to impossible! Specially designed crankcase makes sure fuel is equally distributed to both cylinders. It also optimizes power, reduces vibration, and increases durability. GP123 is definitely your best choice for 35% aerobatic aircrafts and you will get the most bang for your buck!

Displacement : 123 c.c.
Bore : 46.5 mm
RPM Range : 1900-8900
Output : 12 Horsepower
Total Weight : 2300 g
Ignition Weight : 202 g
Muffler Weight : 330 g
Gasoline : 92 Unleaded
Gas/Oil Mix Ratio : 40:1
Carburetor : Walbro WJ-71
Spark Plug : NGK CM-6
Recommended Propeller : 27x12, 28x10, 28x12

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