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GP Engine GP-76

SKU : EGP-76
3D Gas Planes Engine

Product description

GP76 twin engine is dedicated to giving your UAV or 3D aircrafts a minimum level of vibration. The excellent smoothness and the unique sound of the flat engine offers the best experience. The high performance and horsepower are even more fantastic when it comes to its weight. 

Displacement : 76 c.c.
Bore : 38 mm
RPM Range : 1400-8000
Output : 8 Horsepower
Total Weight : 1720 g
Ignition Weight : 202 g
Muffler Weight : 200 g
Gasoline : 89-92 Unleaded
Gas/Oil Mix Ratio : 40:1
Carburetor : Walbro HDA-246
Spark Plug : NGK CM-6
Recommended Propeller : 23x10, 24x8, 24x9, 24x10

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