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GP Engine GP-38

SKU : EGP-38
3D Gas Planes Engine

Product description

Another game-changer is coming in 2020, no surprise that GP has developed the most powerful and reliable two-stroke engine in 30c.c. engine for UAV propulsion system and model aircraft!
GP38 will come with a Stock Muffler, four Ferrari-red engine stands, CDI, NGK spark plug, and screws for the propeller.

Displacement : 38 c.c.
Bore : 38 mm
RPM Range : 1400-10000
Output : 5 Horsepower
Total Weight : 1000 g
Ignition Weight : 136 g
Muffler Weight : 144 g
Gasoline : 92 Unleaded
Gas/Oil Mix Ratio : 40:1
Carburetor : Walbro HDA-246
Spark Plug : NGK CM-6
Recommended Propeller : 20x8,20x9,20x10

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