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Our first biplane in the XL line. Together with our partner company Twisted Hobbys and their associate designer Cody Wojcik, we have built upon our accumulated experience and created this revolutionary bipe with full flying stabilizer. Here comes the craziest bipe in the 1 m category, period. Extreme agility with that special "bipe feel". Yet still, with limited throws, the plane is docile enough to become a well behaved 3D training model. 

wingspan: 1000 mm
lenght: 1030 mm
AUW: 750 - 800 g
motor: 2814/1000kv
ESC: 45A / 3-4s
servos: 4x Volta D14
battery:  3s - 4s 1300 - 1800 mAh
propeller: 10 - 11 inch
you will also need extension servo cables 100mm 2x, 250mm 1x, XT60 connector

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