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The Tandem (TD) dual-band receivers are unlike any other FrSky 2.4Ghz or 900Mhz receivers, they work simultaneously at both 900Mhz and 2.4Ghz frequencies. That means TD receivers provide not only low latency signal and long-range control but also benefit from the enhanced level of high reliability and anti-interference performance.


- Frequency: 2.4GHz & 900MHz
- Dimension: 46.5*26.3*14.7mm (L*W*H)
- Weight: 16.6g
- Operating Voltage: 3.5-10v DC
- Operating Current: 180mA@5V
- Compatibility: Tandem series transmitter & TD protocol capable RF module
- Triple 2.4G/900M Antenna
   2* External 2.4G antenna (IPEX1)
   1* External 900M antenna (IPEX1)

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