100" RV-8 FLS ARFSV Red

SKU : FX-RV870-R
Gas 70-85 CC

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Product description
All ARF Features, plus:
Factory-installed Potenza DS49010BLHV servos for ailerons, flaps, and elevators
Potenza DS49010BLHV servo included for rudder (not installed so you can choose your mounting location!)
(7) Potenza, 2-inch, Clamping, Aluminum Servo Arms included for flight control surfaces
Factory-installed servo extensions for ailerons, flaps, and elevators. Rudder servo extension included.
Factory-hinged control surfaces
Factory-sealed main wing and horizontal tail hinge gaps
Factory-installed aileron, flap and elevator control horns
Factory-assembled aileron, flap and elevator linkages that are ready for final servo centering and hookup

Wingspan:100 in. 2540 mm
Length:90 in. 2288 mm
Length (w/out V-Fin/Rudder):83 in. 2108 mm
Gas Weight: 23 lb. 3 oz. 10.5 Kg
Electric Weight: 24 lb. 15oz. (Potenza 65cc w/12S 6200mAh) 11.3 Kg (Potenza 65cc w/12S 6200mAh)
Engine/Motor Size: 60-70cc

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