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3D and XA (eXtreme Aerobatic) performance with minimized control coupling while maintaining scale appearance
Massive control surfaces for extreme 3D and XA performance
Laminated carbon fiber, fiberglass, plywood and balsa structure keeps the model lightweight, yet incredibly strong.
Aileron counter balances aid in roll authority and allow the aileron servos to be mounted closer to the fuselage to help minimize weight at the wingtip for cleaner rolls and snaps
Quick to assemble! Aileron and elevator hinging as well as gap sealing is completed by the factory
Side Force Generators (SFGs) are included and install easily to enhance yaw authority, tracking and high-alpha stability
Flush mounted cowl with hidden cowl screws for a clean appearance
Low-pressure lip molded into the bottom of the cowling aids in engine cooling
Carbon fiber landing gear helps keep the Edge lightweight
Lightweight soda bottle style fuel tank included
Carbon fiber wing and stab tubes
Accepts many popular 100-125cc gas engines like the Desert Aircraft DA 120 and GP 123
Custom G10 Control Horns for Optimized Throw and Precision
Professionly painted fiberglass wheel pants, caonopy and cowling
Distinctive, factory-applied trim scheme

Wingspan: 104" 2642mm
Length (with spinner) 102.2" 2595mm
Estimated Weight:28lb 12.70kg
Engine: Gasoline (Petrol) 100-125cc
Exhaust: Stock Mufflers or KS 3086 Canisters (2) Header Drop 90mm Flexible (If Applicable)
Channels: 5-8*
 Servos: 8+

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